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Linfox has been operating in Malaysia since 1992. The team in Malaysia predominantly service the Retail, FMCG and Industrial markets providing total distribution for customers nationwide and as a distribution depot across the country. We also provide freight forwarding solutions and have capabilities to facilitate customer exporting to the Asia Pacific region.

The IT Help Desk which provides IT support to Linfox throughout Australia / New Zealand is also located in Malaysia and part of the Regional Supply Chain Solutions team is also located here.

Linfox Malaysia has a strong focus and proven record in driving fleet innovation and providing continuous improvement to our customers. With Linfox’s commitment to safety, our team in Malaysia has also won multiple awards as recognition to building a strong safety culture.


Let’s have a look at our operations in Asia

Warehousing and distribution

Linfox operates eight sites across Malaysia. We adopt a flexible warehousing model through which we operate warehouses in customer premises and also through Linfox leased infrastructure. Our racking options include basic block stacking to semi-automated racking providing optimal space utilisation for our customers. Our dedicated team continuously look at opportunities to optimise our customers inventory management and capacity, resulting in year on year cost improvement. We also offer value added services including, supporting our partners with co-packing, order planning and inventory optimisation.

Transport and freight management

With a network of over 200 owned and sub-contractor fleet, Linfox Malaysia has a focus on transport innovation. With a strong customer focus to provide solutions for partners, the Linfox Malaysia team has designed and implemented over five vehicle types as the first of their kind in Malaysia including bulk tankers and B-Double vehicles.

Linfox Malaysia’s capability includes transportation of packaged industrial gases, petrochemical products, FMCG and retail products across Peninsular Malaysia. We have a varied fleet size with capacity ranges from one mega tonne to 51 mega tonnes, specialised hoppers to suit the product and delivery requirement. We also do haulage and customs clearance for a large FMCG company, supporting them to export to various countries across Asia Pacific and Africa.

In Malaysia we also operate a state-of-the-art control room to monitor and control our fleet. We have been able to reduce speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh breaking and truck idling by more than 80%.

Careers and Jobs

Our Linfox Malaysia team is profoundly unified and blended within a multi-racial culture and society with prevailing racial harmony as its core focus. All local traditional festivals are observed and celebrated to build a strong community spirit and we embrace the practice of religious freedom.

The team is very diverse, providing various support functions to all the sites across the country. Providing job and development opportunities for our valued team members are always our priority. The work environment is flexible to promote long term employment.

We have opportunities in many areas from truck drivers, transport and warehouse supervisors to transport and warehouse executives and managers.