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Government and Defence

Linfox excels at high-level logistics solutions for all levels of Government and the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

We are the largest provider of warehouse and distribution services to the ADF, operating the Defence national warehousing network, delivering distribution services for sustainment and training operations, and developing and deploying an electronic warehouse management system to manage over 60 million line items.

Linfox provides stock management and distribution of ADF inventory from general stores to weapons and armoured vehicles. We also undertake equipment disposals, specialist equipment fleet management and logistics training for selected Defence personnel.

The integrated workforce of ADF and Linfox team members implemented the largest logistics migration project in Australian history, including the consolidation of 35 warehouses into seven major warehouse locations.

Linfox delivers:

  • Broad functional warehouse management services across 19 sites with more than 600 team members
  • Value-added internal ADF supply chain support
  • Distribution services within the Linfox warehouse network and between external parties and suppliers
  • Transportation of major equipment such as armoured vehicles between remote military exercise areas
  • Development and implementation of an ADF-specific electronic warehouse management system

Inventory security is paramount in the provision of logistics solutions to the Defence industry. Given the high financial and reputational value of Defence inventory, our specialist Government and Defence team provide the highest levels of inventory husbandry, layered with mandated security protocols.

  • The maintenance of more than 500 Army vehicles in a ‘battle ready condition’ will see Linfox employees driving more than 250,000 kilometres each year, washing more than 5,000 windshields and checking for correct air pressure on more than 4,000 tyres.
  • Linfox despatches more than 6,000 consignments of freight each week, ranging from as small as an O-Ring to as large as an F-18 Hornet engine. A comprehensive set of service KPIs presides over each transaction.

Linfox’s diverse and inclusive workforce also includes a proud cohort of Australian Defence Force (ADF) veterans. Read more about how we support their career opportunities.

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