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Safety, health and wellbeing

The 4Ds: Being safer starts with asking better questions

We recently introduced the 4Ds as a key part of our safety evolution. This is a simple way to capture things that team members believe are dumb, difficult, different or dangerous about their job.

This risk-based approach involves talking and listening to our people. It strengthens our team culture while creating positive safety outcomes.

Inviting these honest conversations helps gain a deeper understanding about how the work is really done and how we can all make it better, easier and safer for everyone.

Asking the 4Ds


What doesn’t make sense to you about the work we are doing or how we are doing it?


What tasks do you find difficult or hard to do well?


What has changed or is changing relative to how things are usually done or should be done?


What feels risky to you about the work you do?

Watch the 4Ds video to learn more

We created a video to explain the 4Ds process to our team as part of our annual Stop for Safety event.

This interactive video outlines the basic steps as well as some stories and outcomes from our first sessions.

Feel free to view and don’t forget to leave your feedback at the end.

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