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Hong Kong

Linfox has been operating in Hong Kong since 2001. Our expert team specialise in handling
and transporting dangerous goods, in compliance with local laws and stringent health and
safety requirement.

Our team in Hong Kong pride themselves on delivering the safest logistics service in the
market. With their commitment to providing exceptional service and a valuable customer
focused solution, safety stands as their top priority and biggest differentiator in the region.


Let’s have a look at our operations in Asia

Warehousing and distribution

With our distribution centres located throughout Greater China, we have expertise in dedicated warehouse solutions to meet our customers unique needs. We have scope across both central distribution centres and regional distribution centres. To ensure a streamline solution, we also offer system integration and back of factory warehouse operations and distribution. Our experienced team in China has conducted multiple successful major implementations for one of the world’s biggest FMCG customers including multiple warehouse relocations.

Transport and freight management

Our Hong Kong team has experience in the transportation of bulk liquid, petroleum, and
liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products to both industrial customers and retail stations
throughout the country. The skills and systems behind our people, fleet and facilities make
Linfox one of the safest and most efficient bulk liquid logistics providers in Asia Pacific.