Safety – every site, every day

Safety and compliance are the top priorities at Linfox. Safety and compliance issues are discussed at every site, every day as part of our unwavering commitment to the safety of our team, our suppliers, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

Through our dedicated Vision ZERO safety strategy, we are on a journey to achieve:

  • ZERO fatalities
  • ZERO injuries
  • ZERO motor vehicle incidents
  • ZERO net environmental emissions
  • ZERO tolerance of unsafe behaviour and practices.

Linfox sends the Vision ZERO safety message to more than 24,000 team members in 12 countries because when it comes to safety, one injury is one too many.

Safety for our teams

At Linfox, we care about our people. Our vision is for everyone to go home safely to their families and loved ones at the end of every shift.

Our people are empowered to take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others.

We ensure our people are trained for the tasks they are performing. From day one, our employees begin their training to ensure their safety on-the-job. From inductions to safe work procedures to role specific training, we work hard to ensure our people are trained for the task at hand.

Safety and our customers

We work alongside our customers to ensure compliance and best practice safety standards for our people and theirs.

Safety in the community

With a large portion of our people operating in the community, we strive for best practice to keep the broader community safe. We work with regulators, law enforcement agencies, governing bodies, and organisations to continue to share the message of safety and compliance on the roads.

Linfox truck safety series

In a four-part truck safety series launched by Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Linfox truck drivers provide insight into their working life on our roads. They talk candidly about road safety, and share their thoughts on everything from fatigue and speed through to interacting with other road users and coping with stress.

TAC video series preview

Linfox truck safety series

“We’re all car drivers too, and we understand what people go through.”
– Retail driver and driver trainer, Steve

Linfox truck safety series

Long haul truck driver, Callum talks about the ‘ever-present danger’ of driver fatigue.
– Retail driver, Callum

Linfox truck safety series

“Leave a bit of space between us and we’ll leave you space.”
– Fuel truck driver, Aaron

Linfox truck safety series

“Everyone just needs to take a breath … slow down. It’s not worth it.”
– FMCG truck driver, Lana