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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct, also known as The Linfox Way, explains the way we work at Linfox.

We strive to set the bar high for our business, as the way we treat each other reflects our brand and impacts our team members, our customers and the communities in which we work.

For over 65 years, Linfox’s values, vision and the way we work with customers has underpinned our success and proud heritage. We pride ourselves on serving our customers safely, efficiently and sustainably and just as important as getting the job done right, is the way we act.

We are constantly looking to improve our high-performance culture so our people can continue to perform at their best. We want to challenge the status quo and achieve new levels of performance and customer service. We do this when we work together.

At Linfox, we believe that if better is possible, good is not enough.

Whether it’s putting safety first, a strong work ethic, a practical and collaborative approach, a constant customer focus or resilience when things get tough, our culture is the key to a successful future.

We shape our culture around four pillars:

  1. Great people: Together we’re Linfox’s greatest asset. We’re hardworking, practical and resilient. We’re proud to be Linfox.
  2. Inspirational leaders: Together we inspire. We bring out the best in each other. We create a sense of purpose. We empower, value and recognise our people.
  3. High performance teams: Together we unite. Teamwork gives us our edge. We work together with energy, determination and focus. We respect each other.
  4. Exceptional performance: Together we deliver. We think BIG. We set high standards. We’re ambitious. We deliver.

These pillars provide the foundations we need to continue to grow our business with a focus on the future and keeping our people safe.

Download The Linfox Way Code of Conduct here.

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