Indigenous engagement

In 2009, Linfox signed the Australian Employment Covenant and enacted an Indigenous Engagement Strategy to support, enhance and improve employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Linfox works with employees, customers, community, government agencies and partners to ensure we are:

  • Creating opportunities – through community, corporate and customer consultation we will create employment opportunities in environments where individuals will thrive.
  • Building positive futures – through ongoing support and mentoring individuals can realise their career goals.
  • Changing lives – through a solid on boarding process and a culturally safe working environment, individuals will become valid contributors.

Our goal is for future generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to overcome the long history of inequality by providing employment opportunities and better futures for their families and communities.

This logo was designed specifically for the Linfox Indigenous Engagement Strategy. The colours combine the Linfox brand and the Aboriginal flag. The artwork was created by Indigenous graphic artist Marcus Lee whose business is accredited by Supply Nation. The logo has dual meanings:

  • the dotted pathways represent Linfox’s extensive logistics network
  • the yellow wheel depicts the momentum Linfox will generate by creating employment avenues for Indigenous Australians.

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