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Career opportunities - Asia

Career opportunities - Asia

Linfox leads the way in logistics.

With a core focus on safety, training and innovation we offer a range of job opportunities and long term career growth.

Around 11,500 talented people work at Linfox International Group. We are drivers, warehouse and forklift operators, supply chain solutions consultants, finance officers, safety managers, IT specialists and HR professionals.

When you work with us, we are committed to your ongoing career development and give you access to world-class training and learning opportunities.

Linfox fosters a strong safety, health and wellbeing culture and works hard to ensure our team maintains our leadership position across the Asia region.

We are always looking for energy, passion and leadership in people who see a future for themselves in the transport and logistics industry.

Linfox International Group operates in eight countries across Asia.

If you are interested in career opportunities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Laos, Cambodia or India, please submit your employment/career enquiry using the form below or view vacancies on Linfox Asia’s LinkedIn page.

To learn more about career opportunities in Thailand, click the image below.

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