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Linfox launches super-site in Brisbane

Grow Stronger Act Sustainably

Construction of Linfox’s proud new Queensland home is on schedule, with the site to be fully operational by mid-August.

The Linfox Logistics-owned and built warehouse in Willawong, south of Brisbane will be a hub for customers and a new state head office for its Queensland team members.

The Linfox Intermodal team will manage rail and road distribution from the nine-hectare site, which will also house a number of consumer and healthcare customers, multiple temperature-controlled facilities, modern fleet workshop operations, truck wash and fueling facilities.

Registered training organisation, Linfox Operational Training will continue to build the transport and logistics skills of Linfox team members and external learners from the site.

“Our new super-site is ready to support Linfox and our customers, as our multi-modal freight networks continue to grow stronger throughout Queensland,” said CEO Linfox Logistics Australia and New Zealand, Mark Mazurek.

Strategically located near major highways and the Acacia Ridge Intermodal Terminal, the 26,000 square metre facility sits in the growth epicentre of South East Queensland.

“We have bolstered total warehouse space by 50 per cent, increased the temperature-controlled footprint to five times its former size and doubled our healthcare capacity,” said Mark.

A centralised Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system will also be available to customers onsite.

The EWM model moves customers onto one visible and flexible platform, allowing better management of inventory and stock movement.

“It is a safe, secure, sustainable and fit-for-purpose operation – a strong investment to boost food security, logistics capability and pride for our business and customers,” said Mark.

Senior Project Manager Logistics Property Development, James Bell said the team quickly adapted to minimise disruption and ensure safety during the COVID crisis.

“Our construction team adopted physical distancing guidelines, set up additional lunchrooms, practised hand hygiene at dedicated stations and temperature-checked people prior to site entry,” said James.

“As interstate project staff were unable to travel to site in person, they transitioned to remote working to maintain project timelines.

“Where materials supply was impacted, alternatives were quickly sourced with the team continuing to manage installation priorities,” said James.

Linfox and its site customers look forward to a successful go live in August, with future celebrations to be planned for a new era in the Sunshine State.

  • 26,000m2 total warehouse and office space
  • Compared to previous site:
    • 50 per cent increase in total warehouse space
    • Healthcare capacity doubled
  • New and increased temperature-controlled capabilities
    • four temperature zones for healthcare, freezer, chiller and confectionery
    • five-fold increase in size compared to previous site
  • Workshop
  • Onsite truck wash
  • Refuelling station
  • Weighbridge
  • Ample staff parking

Linfox’s commitment to a sustainable future

  • 5 Star Green Star Design rating approved
  • 5 Star Green Star As Built rating targeted
  • 200-kilowatt solar system with plans to expand to 600-kilowatts
  • Electric vehicle and automated guided vehicle (AGV) capability
  • Smart LED lighting
  • Water recycling and rainwater harvesting systems
  • The first corporately funded large-scale vegetation offset project, delivered in partnership with Oxley Creek Transformation, a subsidiary of Brisbane City Council
  • The project avoided 130 tonnes of CO2 emissions by using 31,200 tonnes of quality-tested and approved sustainable materials
  • Around 93 per cent of these recycled materials are under the concrete slabs and form the car parks’ road base

Linfox has applied for the Green Star – Design and As Built certification for sustainable guidance during design and construction of this new facility.  Linfox is aiming to achieve a 5 Green Star certification which signifies Australian Excellence. This building will be used as a benchmark for future Linfox Logistics properties.

What is a Green Star certification?

Managed by the Green Building Council of Australia, Green Star is a voluntary, internationally recognised sustainability rating system used to assess the sustainability of projects.

5 Green Star facilities can:

  • Use less electricity
  • Reduce carbon emissions (producing fewer emissions than average Australian buildings)
  • Improve potable water usage
  • Boost productivity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of occupants
  • Reduce risk and ‘future proof’ investments
  • Increase asset value.
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