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PPE partnership continues to protect NSW

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Linfox is celebrating a continuing supply chain partnership with HealthShare NSW, an organisation providing high-quality shared services to support the delivery of patient care in the NSW health system.


The two-year partnership sees Linfox’s Government and Defence (G&D) business unit managing all personal protective equipment (PPE) warehouse and distribution functions for HealthShare NSW from a dedicated site in St Marys, western Sydney.

The PPE hub, supported by a dedicated and experienced team, ensures HealthShare NSW remains at the forefront of protecting consumer health.

“HealthShare NSW is confident Linfox can manage the logistics without any concerns,” said President Government and Defence Linfox, Richard Conron.

“The continued partnership means minimal disruption to their network and opportunity for Linfox to refine and improve logistic operations.”

Trusted partnership continues

Linfox’s G&D team has a long history of providing and excelling at high level logistics solutions for all levels of government.

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in Australia, NSW Police appointed Linfox G&D to undertake an eight week project to receive and distribute 20,000 pallets of PPE throughout the state.

Image: G&D Regional Inventory and Operations Manager, Hayley Innes inspects incoming PPE stock with G&D Leading Hand, Nathan King.

“With Linfox’s unrivalled logistics infrastructure, established site footprint in the Sydney metro area, rigorous systems and skilled team, we were immediately available to help the Government protect Australians from the COVID-19 virus,” said Richard.

Within 11 days Linfox G&D opened the first site in Huntingwood and filled it with 9,000 pallets.

As the pandemic rapidly evolved, NSW Police novated the arrangements to HealthShare NSW, who had become responsible for managing the storage and distribution of medical consumables and PPE for not just NSW Police but all NSW Government agencies.

This included Health, Education, Corrections and other essential emergency services and the request for logistics assistance then soared.

During a six-month period, Linfox helped HealthShare NSW establish the Whole of Government warehouse program utilising 21 PPE warehouse facilities across Sydney metro at various Linfox sites.

Several short and long-term leases were also secured to support this.

Backed by Linfox’s superior logistics capabilities and experienced team, thousands of pallets of PPE were received and distributed throughout the state directly to hospitals, aged care facilities and schools.

Robust customer-specific systems and processes underpinned the mammoth logistical operation, and ensured PPE was received and delivered where HealthShare NSW urgently required it.

Throughout the pandemic, Linfox continuously proved to HealthShare NSW its superior supply chain excellence and ability to respond rapidly to evolving needs.

“The magnitude to plan and execute the supply chain requirements to load and unload up to 21 facilities is colossal. Our highly skilled team consistently surpassed all customer expectations and executed to the absolute highest standard.”
President Government and Defence Linfox, Richard Conron
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