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New world technology transforms warehouse operations

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In an exciting journey to help Linfox International Group (LIG) and its customers work smarter, the Thailand team is exploring the use of fully autonomous drones, with initial trials yielding promising results.


Physical inventory management is one of the most strenuous manual processes within a warehouse environment. Tasks such as daily cycle counting and annual wall- to-wall audits traditionally require the costly utilisation of material handling equipment.

To streamline these tasks, LIG is working in collaboration with FLING, an award-winning startup and recipient of the National Innovation Award, presented by the Thailand prime minister.

A pivotal component of drone design involves the strategic deployment of QR codes, which significantly accelerates and enhances the precision of autonomous drone flights during stocktaking operations.

This initiative hopes to introduce autonomous drone flights in coming months.

LIG is working through this process carefully, providing necessary support and investment to accelerate this groundbreaking technology.

“In today’s world, a strong continuous improvement program is crucial for staying relevant and driving growth,” said General Manager – Warehouse Linfox Thailand, Barath Ashok.

Linfox takes a practical approach to innovation and digitisation: “We are committed to ensuring that our technology-backed initiatives simplify our team’s activities, enhance productivity, and deliver added value to our customers, all while maintaining a steadfast focus on the safety of our people,” he said.

LIG also takes pride in fostering teams who are passionate about solving practical challenges, an approach that is yielding remarkable advancements in its technology design.

Embracing digitisation and automation – much like advancements in drone technology – is key. LIG remains dedicated to continuous improvement projects and collaborating with startups on the journey to operational excellence.

The Linfox Thailand team is trialling fully autonomous warehouse drones.
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