Linfox announces 10 year agreement with DuluxGroup

Linfox has today announced a significant 10 year agreement with DuluxGroup.

Linfox will provide warehouse management services for DuluxGroup’s Dulux and Selleys businesses in New South Wales including the construction of a purpose-built facility in Sydney by the Linfox Property Group.

Linfox Chairman, Peter Fox welcomed the agreement as an opportunity that further strengthens the existing long-term relationship with the iconic Australian DuluxGroup.

“Linfox will not only provide the warehouse management expertise but invest in a custom-built facility which will support the ongoing growth of this leading local company,” said Peter Fox.

“This is an important outcome for both businesses; DuluxGroup is highly regarded for its innovation and customer service and we embrace the opportunity to have an integral role in adding further value to our existing relationship.”

Linfox provides DuluxGroup with transport services in Western Australia and Queensland and with warehousing and transport services in Victoria.

The new custom-built facility by the Linfox Property Group is in the planning stages.

It is expected to take approximately 12 months to construct and will be about 23,000m2 once completed.