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Linfox and Myer recently extended their 34-year partnership for an additional seven years, building on shared values of trust and loyalty.


Since Linfox became Myer’s carrier of choice in 1989, both brands have grown to become two of the largest and most iconic businesses in Australia.

Today, Linfox continues to deliver Myer operational peace of mind through investment in best practice logistics, reliable supply chain solutions and loyal people.

Supporting Myer’s unique operational needs

Linfox provides transport services from Myer’s distribution centre (DC) to all Myer stores across every major city in Australia (excluding Northern Territory and Tasmania).

Utilising a highly skilled and efficient driver network, the Linfox team safely delivers apparel to Myer stores national multiple times per day, often to inner city stores and busy shopping centre loading docks.

Throughout the 30-plus year partnership, Linfox has navigated periods of unplanned demand, environmental challenges and economic changes. The COVID-19 pandemic was particularly challenging for Linfox’s general merchandise customers, with increased economic uncertainty, changing consumer demands and ongoing disruption.

Linfox’s ability to uphold supply continuity and value demonstrates an ongoing commitment to supply chain excellence during tough times.

Building trust through best practice

Linfox has built strong working relationships with key stakeholders across Myer stores and operational functions based on open communication and mutual respect, breeding confidence in all touch points of the supply chain.


Image: Linfox has been a logistics partner to Myer since 1989.

Myer trusts Linfox to deliver on a shared commitment to safety and compliance, regularly collaborating to embed best practice safety standards across this busy operation. This work has seen vast improvements in vehicle manual handling practices and ensured clear access to delivery points.

Linfox has also achieved positive outcomes from improving load restraint practices and optimising vehicle weight from diminishing loads.

Myer Executive General Manager Supply Chain, Tony Carr, said: “Myer is committed to getting our product to customers in the quickest and most efficient way and Linfox, our domestic freight partner, is instrumental in ensuring we deliver against this key strategic pillar.

“Myer and Linfox have a longstanding and trusted relationship built on their leading service, reliability and innovation that ensures we are stocking stores and DCs in the most Linfox has been Myer’s carrier of choice efficient and productive way.”

Driving supply chain value through investment technology and people

Linfox will invest in new fleet for the Myer partnership over the next 12 months, all fitted with Linfox’s tracking technology, FoxTrax, to provide useful safety and delivery insights to drivers. The shared vision for growth will also see Myer continue to invest in new DC facilities and equipment.

The partnership tenure is a testament to the loyal team members who manage daily operations and strategic business decisions.

Myer particularly respects the professionalism and efficiency of Linfox drivers, many of whom have dedicated more than 25 years of their Linfox career delivering for Myer.

Long-term partners

General Manager Merchandise Linfox Retail, Andy Gissing has been committed to the Myer partnership for more than 20 years.

“Linfox and Myer have a unique and inspiring history,” he said.

“The deep level of trust that has developed over the years is the cornerstone of this relationship. We look forward to continuing our journey and supporting Myer into a safe and sustainable future.”

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