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The Linfox Leader: investing in our people

Written by

Lauren Pemberton
Linfox President, Human Resources
Lauren is an accomplished HR practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience in large organisations across professional services, mining, legal services and supply chain logistics.

Achieve Together

The Linfox Leader program is the key to unlocking our full potential as an organisation. As the cornerstone to shaping our Together, Stronger culture, The Linfox Leader program provides a positively life changing experience for our participants.


Linfox is committed to ‘growing our own’ and investing and building leadership capability at all leadership levels. Our commitment is visible in our tailored program, The Linfox Leader. The program brings strategic thinking and leadership to life in a real, practical and meaningful manner.

I recently attended one of our Linfox Leader graduation ceremonies, which are special in many ways. It is a great opportunity to meet our Linfox Leaders from across the business and hear their personal stories and reflections as they present their leadership evolution as part of their graduation ceremony. 

Inspiring, heartfelt, courageous and authentic is how I best describe these graduation ceremonies. I and others in the room have often been overcome by raw emotion, as we listen intently to the experience of The Linfox Leader graduates and the positive life changing experiences they have shared as they reflected on their leadership and development journey. 

I am incredibly proud of the outcomes the program has achieved. The Linfox Leader program is designed by Linfox for Linfox and facilitated internally by our Linfox Leader facilitators Dean Eddy and Danny Ryan, who understand firsthand the unique leadership challenges our leaders face in our fast-paced environment. The program also underpins and equips our leaders to shape an inclusive, safe and diverse workplace for our people. 

The Linfox Leader program offers a tailored program structure addressing the unique needs of front-line leaders (and those aspiring to these roles), People Leaders and Senior Leaders. The Linfox Leader program is designed to build leadership capability across three key skill areas to foster strategic and effective leadership: 

  1. Greater awareness of self;
  2. Increased understanding of the business; and 
  3. Improved ability to lead and inspire others

The program is structured to support different learning styles and gives participants the opportunity to apply skills gained, reflect, collaborate and transfer their learning back into the broader Linfox business.

For participants who complete The Linfox Leader program, the journey of learning continues. The Linfox Leader Alumni program provides opportunities to connect across our different business units and support services sharing leadership experiences, tools and resources to continue our commitment to being lifelong learners. 

Meet our Linfox Leader graduates

I am pleased to share the experiences of some of our Linfox Leader graduates.

Order to Cash Manager - Linfox

Amanda Tarling

  • Graduated 2024

The Linfox Leader program enabled Amanda to implement key learnings from each workshop, back into her day-to-day routine.

Amanda was encouraged by the program to try new ways of working and leading her people – some of which worked splendidly, and others not so much. Amanda gained great learnings about her own leadership and the capability and capacity of her broader team.

“Alongside the shift my team has made, I have also incorporated an improved ‘Recognition Program’ for my team to further encourage them and embed our new way of working. All of this was made possible by my participation in The Linfox Leader program,” said Amanda

Process Improvement Lead - New Zealand

Briana McIver

  • Graduated 2023

The Linfox Leader program expanded Briana’s leadership skills and more importantly, allowed her to discover authentic leadership style.

“Completing the 10-month leadership journey allowed me the time and space to rediscover my leadership identity and put those principles back into practice with my team and my role on a day-to-day basis. I learnt to funnel my energetic, passionate style into getting better outcomes for both myself and more importantly the team I lead. 

My purpose as a leader within Linfox is to be a champion for the goals my team is delivering on – as well as also reflecting the greater goals the business has for us, to be even more successful in the future,” said Briana.

Regional Manager - C&HG

Filomena Nemet

  • Graduated 2021

When Filomena commenced The Linfox Leader, she was Inventory Manager, Bevchain, before progressing to DC Manager, R&I and now holds the role of Regional Manager, C&HG. 

While undertaking The Linfox Leader, Filomena leveraged the networking opportunities that came with the cross-business unit mix of her cohort. The interactions and rich discussions helped Filomena shift her mindset and develop as a leader. 

“The Linfox Leader topics that resonated with me were ‘Crucial Conversations’ and ‘The Power of Effective 1-on1’s’. I changed the way I lead my teams by using these tools to be a much more effective leader. Each module workshop gave me a new skill to take back to try with my team. I have continued to apply these skills across my varied leadership roles at Linfox,” said Filomena.

WA Linfox Leader participants celebrate their Graduation with Facilitator Danny Ryan.

14 cohorts currently underway across Australia and New Zealand

  • 11 Senior Leaders
  • 151 People Leaders
  • 53 Front-line team members
“Participating in The Linfox Leader program has paved the way for my success, equipping me with invaluable tools to consistently evolve as a leader and effectively manage high-performing teams. This experience has prepared me for challenges and instilled a foundation for lifelong growth in leadership.”
Israel Anderon, Operations Supervisor R&I
“Participating in The Linfox Leader program has enhanced my leadership and coaching skills as well as my strategic thinking ability. This has led to a more efficient and cohesive team dynamic, driving benefits in development and continuous improvement. The program's practical insights and hands-on approach have transformed our workflow, fostering collaboration, innovation and accountability.”
Michelle Slevin, Group Manager C&HG
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