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Moving through adversity

Written by

Greg Thomas

Moving through adversity

Many countries in Asia continue to face overwhelming challenges as new COVID-19 waves take hold.

As unimaginable tragedy unfolds in India, many other countries in the region have also responded with the tightest, lengthiest restrictions and lockdowns yet, continuing the pressure on supply chains and the people working within them.

Our strong team spirit sees our essential services continue. We are protecting our people, serving our customers and playing our part to support local economies as best we can, negotiating cross-border passage to supply goods where possible. Of course, we will continue with the strictest safety measures, both on the road and at sites.

Linfox donated care packages to support the small number of our team members required to quarantine due to close contact with the virus. These include medical and PPE supplies such as masks, sanitisers, disinfectant, thermometers as well as food supplies and provisions.

On the move for customers

We extended our strong partnership with Unilever, continuing to manage their warehouse operations and transport needs in Thailand; warehouse and back-of-factory operations in Indonesia, and warehouse operations in Chennai and Bangalore, India.

We are proud to see services come to life for our customer Burapha Agro-Forestry, after much planning, investment and operational training.

Linfox takes pride in the safest, most modern fleet. With this in mind, we are pleased to report that the first batch of 80 plus new Volvo Euro 3 prime movers is now delivering produce for our long-standing customer Lotus (previously Tesco Lotus) across Thailand.

Part of Linfox’s fleet rejuvenation program, these new vehicles are a significant investment to equip our customer with more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly vehicles. New safety features such as collision warnings and emergency braking assistance are valuable additions to help prevent accidents and injuries. We ensured delivery of the new prime movers ahead of our customer’s peak festive period in Thailand.

Participants from our road safety program now rolled out in Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia.

Continuing our role in road safety education

Tragically, many people die on roads every year across Asia, and we continue our efforts to reduce this disturbing statistic.

Our road safety education program has now rolled out in Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Malaysia. Using fun, novel tools and activities developed by our people, we educate children within our operational areas, particularly those not used to large vehicles.

Educating our young about road safety is a responsibility we take seriously. With these statistics largely preventable, we aim to save lives through road safety awareness via early, practical education. Linfox will continue making this safety program content available to government departments and interested stakeholders in our region.

Graduate program extends

The Linfox International Group graduate program continues to inspire and nurture new Linfox talent, having expanded to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Designed to bring emerging talent into our business, the program offers graduates broad business exposure across operations, supply chain solutions, safety, continuous improvement, commercial and project management, to name a few.

This is a valuable pathway for our future Linfox leaders, with essential hands-on experience in warehouse and transport environments via rotations during the 18-month program. This is underpinned by mentoring, career development opportunities and ongoing support from our experienced leaders.

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