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Linfox and Krueger team up to create state-of-the-art trailers

Grow Stronger


Linfox and Krueger Transport Equipment don’t mind a challenge – in their latest project, they delivered 250 custom built semi-trailers which went into operations in record time.


The trailers provide Linfox customers with continued confidence in product quality and safety throughout the supply chain, transporting essential food groceries and other consumer goods to meet diverse and growing demand.

The largest project in their 30-year partnerhip, Linfox invested in the manufacturing exprience of Krueger to deliver 150 temperature-controlled and 100 ambient trailers.

Navigating international waters to bring the most thermally efficient trailer in the world from Germany along with locally Australian-built trailers. The new custom trailers are the product of Linfox specialist expertise meeting Krueger’s manufacturing and engineering innovation.

Ensuring Freight Quality

Designed to handle a diverse range of customer freight, including temperature-sensitive goods, the temperature-controlled trailers feature integrated tracked and monitored cooling systems to maintain a specific temperature range throughout the journey.

Advanced safety systems, aerodynamic designs and smart technologies enhance overall efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Linfox President Fleet and Procurement, Ray Gamble said, “Linfox always makes its fleet decisions in line with its commitment to safety and compliance, service excellence and sustainability.

“Linfox has trusted relationships with fleet suppliers like Krueger, along with an unwavering commitment to invest in the very best fleet,” said Ray.

“These customised trailers suit Linfox’s evolving logistics requirements and ensure optimal conditions for transporting perishable and non-perishable goods over long distances.”

A commitment to quality

Linfox and Krueger combined their expertise with the engineering capabilities of leading German semi-trailer manufacturer, Schmitz Cargobull, to produce the most thermally and energy efficient refrigerated trailer available globally.


The curtain-side trailers also feature Krueger’s Slide-A-Gate barrier system to enhance operator safety. These systems are built to withstand high-impact forces from forklifts during loading and unloading and to minimise the risks to forklift drivers while operating inside the trailer.

The Slide-A-Gate system allows a single person to open a trailer’s gates and access goods at various points quickly and efficiently. Rollers fitted to the roof of the trailer allow the gates to be pushed aside easily, eliminating the need for heavy lifting and significantly reducing the risk of injury.

“The customised trailers are a blend of German engineering and Australian innovation and stand as a testament to the strength of the partnership between Krueger and Linfox,” said Krueger founder and Managing Director, John Krueger.

“Thank you to Linfox for trusting us to deliver on time and with such specific requirements,” he said.

“Our local manufacturing was completed in record time and the team in Germany successfully developed the first ever fully imported freezer van, ready to go into service within days of arriving in Australia.”

Krueger Transport Equipment is also an Australian owned family business, complementing Linfox’s vision for innovation and excellence.

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