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Lighting the way with a clean solution

Act Sustainably

Linfox is taking the lead with an ambitious LED lighting replacement project, supporting its environmental commitment to act sustainably.

With more than four million kilowatt hours of electricity and energy costs already saved, replacing old warehouse lighting with smart LED brings obvious gains.

Higher energy sites come first, with the initiative continuing as many sites work through the planning phase.

Linfox has already fully transitioned thirteen Australian sites with more than 5,000 environmentally friendly LED sensor lights. A further 23 sites are either planned for installation or under assessment.

“It’s just the start for a company committed to our zero emissions journey,” said Linfox Manager Environmental Sustainability, Ruby Diaz.

LED lights only use one third the amount of electricity as the conventional metal halide light installations they replace, significantly reducing carbon emissions and paving the way for carbon-neutral warehouses.

“These installations have helped to reduce almost 8,000 C02-e tonnes, equivalent to the amount of carbon taken up by more than 13,000 trees in one year,” said Ruby.

“The retrofits not only reduce emissions but deliver on our GreenFox objectives and benefit customers who share our vision for sustainable practices.”

The brighter, greener lighting solution also brings benefits for Linfox’s safety journey, improving visibility throughout warehouses.

“We will continue to work with customers and suppliers on joint sustainability projects that minimise our environmental impact.”

Linfox leads the way in warehouse automation for a major consumer goods customer, with LED lighting installed throughout.

Our sustainability commitment

At Linfox, we recognise that for our growth to be sustainable, we must operate in harmony with the environment and in line with the expectations of the communities in which we operate.

We strive to Act Sustainably through our GreenFox program by using energy efficiency, eco-behaviours and waste reduction to achieve zero net environmental emissions.

The primary focus of our efforts is to reduce our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and mitigate climate change. In addition, our broader sustainability strategy covers a wide range of programs targeting energy usage, biodiversity, waste management and local pollution.

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