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Investing in Linfox Indonesia Fleet

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Linfox Indonesia has expanded its fleet with the launch of “Project Trailblazer,” an innovative new prime mover and trailer combination, designed to improve safety, productivity and fully meet Indonesia’s heavy vehicle height and weight regulations (ODOL).


Ongoing fleet renewal improves fuel efficiency, lowers maintenance costs and minimises vehicle downtime. As a result, transport lead times improve with more sustainable and cost-efficient customer outcomes.

The Trailblazer vehicles are designed to transport heavier loads and additional cubic capacity, with approximately 160 per cent payload increases over conventional fleet.

“The custom designed trailers include load restraint curtains and adjustable mezz-deck to cater for various product dimensions. These features improve load restraint and reduce loading and unloading times. Our valued customers experience faster turnaround and improved efficiencies,” said Linfox Country Manager Indonesia, Albert Davidson.

Linfox has allocated two dedicated Trailblazer vehicles to Unilever, with plans for future expansion. Global procurement, supply chain and senior leadership teams from both organisations attended the launch. 

“The Trailblazer vehicle holds 44 pallets of Unilever products, delivering a 37.5 per cent payload increase. With increased manoeuvrability, the trailer has better access to sites,” said Albert. 

Linfox Indonesia is committed to safety through compliance with the heavy vehicle ODOL regulations, ongoing training and advanced fleet technology.

“The prime movers are fitted with the latest advanced safety and monitoring technology. Centrally tracked by the Linfox Regional Operations Centre and dedicated Indonesia Control Tower team 24/7, help Linfox provide visible and reliable operational outcomes,” said Albert.

During the initial phase, 10 Trailblazer vehicles will service consumer, beverage and industrial customers across the island of Java. Five vehicles are already operational, with the further five joining the fleet later in the year.

“Investment in fleet shows Linfox’s commitment to the Indonesian market. The brand-new fleet will unlock efficiency, build supply chain stability and help our customers remain competitive,” said Albert.

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