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Avalon is perfectly placed to provide Victoria’s airport rail line

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A rail connection to Victoria’s second international airport, Melbourne Avalon Airport, could finally provide Victoria with a solution for its long awaited airport rail line.


Avalon has been proposed to the State Government as a viable alternative to the Melbourne Airport train line, as it could be built within two years and at a fraction of the cost. 


The proposed connection would also strengthen the state’s transportation network, improving city connectivity and encouraging greater competition for consumers.  

Importantly, no new rail lines would be needed since the Melbourne-Geelong route already exists. Our proposal is to construct a new station between the existing Lara and Little River stations.

The station would be accessible with a Myki ticket and fall within the metro zone. The Victorian Government has successfully implemented similar projects in Hoppers Crossing and at Southland shopping centre in Cheltenham.  

Under our proposal, a road linking the terminal to the new Melbourne Avalon Airport train station would be built using the existing road interchange on the freeway, connected to the terminal via a bus or trackless tram to ensure a smooth last mile journey – around eight minutes. 

Global cities deserve global infrastructure 

Most major cities in the UK, Europe and Asia have multiple airports connected by public transport infrastructure.   

Luton Airport Parkway railway station has served London Luton Airport since 1999. Before its construction, Luton Airport had around three million passengers annually, about double Avalon’s current numbers. The airport had a railway line nearby, but no station or public transport to connect it.  

A new station was built and connected to the airport with a bus service. More recently, Luton DART, an electric rapid passenger shuttle, directly connects the airport terminal and railway station. By 2023, London Luton Airport had grown to serve 20 million annual passengers, primarily due to enhanced public transport connectivity. 

Strengthening competition  

Melbourne Airport is Victoria’s primary airport, and a train line connecting it to passengers is long overdue. This is not disputed.  

However Victoria needs and deserves competition, which can be achieved more quickly and efficiently at Melbourne Avalon Airport and for a fraction of the cost.  Airlines are interested in operating out of Avalon but are hesitant due to limited transport options. 

Avalon is centrally located within the Melbourne-Geelong corridor, which boasts a catchment area of 3.3 million people within a 60-minute drive. Greater airport connectivity will bring greater capacity, competition and choice, for both airlines and passengers, leading to greater choice and lower airfares for travellers to and from Melbourne and Victoria.  

Done is better than perfect  

What is needed is a simple, quick-to-market solution, like the Luton example, combining a new train station with an easy connection.  

Melbourne Avalon Airport, which is wholly owned by Fox Group Holdings, is ready to invest in this project in partnership with the Victorian Government and to welcome the many new passengers it will attract.  

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