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Trans‑Tasman partnership with FUCHS Lubricants

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Linfox has partnered with FUCHS Lubricants in Australia since 2022, successfully investing in infrastructure to support its supply chain and logistics needs. Through this success, Linfox was recently awarded management of FUCHS Lubricants warehousing operations in Auckland, New Zealand.

Linfox’s warehousing capabilities ensure FUCHS Lubricants products are stored safely and securely.

Working together to deliver for our customers

FUCHS Lubricants successfully transitioned into Linfox’s distribution facility in Auckland in early 2024, occupying approximately 3,000 pallet spaces and utilising our Linfox SAP Digital Warehouse System (DWS). 

The DWS provides a greater level of inventory management and visibility, so products are dispatched First Expired, First Out (FEFO). Linfox’s batch management capability supports FUCHS Lubricants to maintain product quality, reduce wastage and increase consumer satisfaction. 

The New Zealand partnership reaffirms our strong customer relationship, since Linfox began managing the FUCHS Lubricants new state-of-the-art national distribution centre (NDC) in Derrimut, Victoria.

“Linfox and FUCHS Lubricants has continued to forge a strong relationship built on mutual values and trust in Australia, so it is pleasing to see this partnership expanding to Auckland, New Zealand. 

“The Linfox FUCHS Australia team has supported and transferred knowledge of best practice to our New Zealand team to ensure that we provide FUCHS Lubricants with a consistent experience in both Australia and New Zealand,” said Linfox Executive General Manager New Zealand, Rob Farrar. 

“Linfox manage all aspects of the supply chain in-house, storing products in Australia and transporting them directly to New Zealand. This process allows for closer product traceability, improved product quality and reduced defects, enhancing our customer service.

“We are proud to partner with a business that is respected and trusted, and look forward to a long-lasting partnership with FUCHS Lubricants,” he said.

“The strengthening partnership between Linfox and FUCHS Lubricants was demonstrated through the collaboration between the businesses, and support from the Linfox Australia team,” said FUCHS Lubricants National Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Rachael Hall. 

“Despite our tight timeframe to move stock into the Linfox distribution facility, both teams worked hard to complete the warehouse transition on time. The alignment of DWS systems across the Australian and New Zealand services, and move to full batch management of stock, is an important step change for FUCHS Lubricants. 

“We look forward to offering enhanced customer service and greater levels of compliance through standardised processes and reporting across the two operating warehouses in Australia and New Zealand,” she said.

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