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Securing the supply chain

Work Smarter

Once a behind-the-scenes function, supply chains now play a crucial role in the success of many businesses.

Security is paramount—as it has always been—but also more challenging as supply chains become more complex and responsive to the dynamics of markets and manufacturing.

“Linfox is working smarter through investment in new technology to ensure that a fast, flexible, and adaptive supply chain is still secure and safe, keeping costs down for our customers and assuring product quality for their customers,” said Linfox General Manager Security Australia and New Zealand, Stuart Oliver.

Smart security

One of the most promising technologies is facial recognition, now being trialled in one of Linfox’s high-security facilities in New South Wales. Used as part of a triple factor authentication process for entering vaults, it is not only secure but also speedy; applying facial recognition in real time so that the movements of goods in and out is not slowed down.

Thermal imaging and high definition Internet Protocol cameras are rolling out at a number of Linfox sites. Able to detect heat sources from 200 metres, the powerful analytics in these thermal cameras are being utilised on the exterior of warehouse buildings to detect unauthorised entry of persons or vehicles once entering the site perimeter.

Data is always valuable of course, but so too is the cost efficiency these cameras offer. Electric fencing, guard wires and perimeter detection are utilised less as thermal images capture and trigger alarm events to the Linfox Security Monitoring Centre. Their teams can then monitor unauthorised perimeter breaches in real time. Data analytics eliminate potential false activations caused by wind debris and birds, allowing more intelligence-based decisions to be made on detected activity and appropriately escalated.

Cameras dedicated to number plate recognition are also doing their work at selected entries and exits on Linfox sites. By enabling smoother and more efficient vehicle movement, they promise to be another way to achieve high security, cost-effective monitoring.

Segments of Linfox’s high-security and high-value fleet are also being fitted with vehicle cameras allowing 360-degree coverage, which can be used capture evidence surrounding a security incident involving the vehicle. They enable fast and accurate reporting to authorities which may traditionally involve trying to recover CCTV from nearby locations or rely upon written statements only.

The vehicle installations can also be used for reviewing suspicious activity as counter-surveillance intelligence. The cameras provide safe, valuable and reliable data proving delivery of product, as well as clearer information about factors contributing to motor vehicle and safety incidents. The remainder of the fleet will be fitted with the cameras when COVID-19 crisis restrictions ease.

Keeping data secure

These cameras generate large quantities of data. This itself needs to be kept secure, protecting Linfox’s reputation as well as those of its customers. Encrypted data is stored on independent hard drives and not accessible to third parties. Software for managing and analysing data is also non-proprietary, which means no one else has any claim on the data created with these technologies. All use of data is governed by Linfox’s privacy policy.

“Linfox is firmly focused on the benefits of these technologies,” explained Stuart.

“The rapid pace of change in security technologies, together with the crucial role of supply chains in the success of the business, means that the pressure is on Linfox to make sure any investment brings value to customers, whether they operate in the food, beverage, healthcare or other crucial markets.

“It is worth the investment, because it brings peace of mind to Linfox’s customers along with many benefits to the business—accountability, transparency and above all, safety and security. By treating assets like they are Linfox’s own, everyone benefits.”

Stay tuned, the future of drones in security is on the warehouse horizon…

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