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Linfox first to welcome Australia’s next generation of electric prime movers

Act Sustainably

Linfox has welcomed two Volvo battery electric prime movers to its fleet, the newest and largest on the market.


The Volvo FH Electric and FM Electric have been operating successfully in Europe since 2022 with the FH model winning the prestigious International Truck of the Year 2024 award in Europe – the first electric truck to be recognised.

“Linfox has successfully operated a fleet of eight electric rigid vehicles for three years. While these vehicles perform well in small-scale metropolitan operational models, they are limited in their payload and distance capabilities,” said Linfox Fleet Manager, Murray Wyld.

“The new prime movers will allow Linfox to service our customers across comparatively longer-distances, with equivalent loads, enabling us to reduce emissions and still provide safe and on time deliveries,” said Murray.

The Volvo FH Electric won the prestigious International Truck of the Year 2024 award in Europe.

Commitment drives early adoption

As an early adopter of sustainable initiatives, Linfox made its sustainability pledge in 2007 and continues to strive for carbon neutrality by investing in its low and zero-emission heavy vehicle fleet, creating sustainable warehouses, and moving more freight to rail.

With eighty-five per cent of Linfox’s carbon footprint stemming from diesel fuel consumption, the most significant impact will be made in the decarbonisation of its transport operations.

It is estimated that, compared to a standard diesel Volvo FM, the inclusion of one Volvo FM Electric truck could result in savings of up to 77,200 kg of CO2-e emissions per year (based on an average mileage of 120,000 km and using solar PV energy).*

Linfox Manager Environmental Sustainability, Ruby Diaz said the arrival of the vehicles is a significant step in Linfox’s decarbonisation journey.

“Through early adoption, we aim to significantly expand our fleet of EV prime movers in the coming years,” said Ruby.

“Linfox is well positioned to support the vehicles in the future, with design provisions for ready-to-plug charging infrastructure that will be available in our 5 Star Green Star GBCA rated distribution centres, as well as in any new construction projects.

“We launched our electric fleet three years ago, and we are now using those insights to facilitate broader commercial-scale adoption.

“Collaboration is key to achieving solid decarbonisation outcomes and we look forward to working with our partners to share our learnings.”

Linfox Founder, Lindsay Fox AC, Executive Chairman Linfox Pty Ltd, Peter Fox AM, Linfox President Fleet and Procurement, Ray Gamble, with Volvo executive team members.

Legislative changes pave way for adoption

Linfox welcomes recent changes to design rules and NHVR permit allowance in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia that now allow for appropriate front and rear axle loads, as well as federal changes to a slight adjustment to permit the use of these world class vehicles currently built in Europe.

Ruby said the decision would encourage greater investment by Linfox and the industry more broadly.

“The changes will allow operators to maximise the payload capacity of heavy-duty electric vehicles, making investment in electric trucks more commercially viable.

“We encourage other state governments and the federal government to follow suit as we work towards a unified approach to access route maps and decarbonisation policies across Australia,” said Ruby.

Partnership built on shared vision

Volvo Group Australia President and CEO, Martin Merrick said the recent legislative changes have paved the way for further investment in Volvo’s electrification road map.

“These exciting changes have given Volvo Group Australia the green light to invest even more heavily in the future of Australian manufacturing,” said Martin.

“As a result, we will begin manufacturing our heavy-duty BEVs at our Wacol facility in Brisbane by 2027, putting Volvo Trucks on track for net zero emissions by 2050.

“We are excited to partner with Linfox, an early adopter in the EV market, as they decarbonise their heavy transport fleet.”


* Results based on Volvo environmental footprint calculator as of June 2024.
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