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Future looks electric for Armaguard Group

Act Sustainably


An innovative joint development program between Linfox Fleet and Armaguard, sees the addition of a 100 per cent electric vehicle (EV) to the Armaguard fleet as another significant step in our decarbonisation journey.


“Armaguard is thrilled to be leading sustainability changes for the cash in transit industry, not just in Australia, but across the world,” said Linfox Armaguard Group CEO, Mick Cronin.

Armaguard is pioneering the practical implementation of one of the world’s first fully electric, zero-emission armoured vehicles. The electric armoured vehicle is equipped with groundbreaking security technology purpose-built for Armaguard.

Linfox Armaguard Group is pioneering a zero emissions cash in transit future with the arrival of Australia’s first fully electric armoured vehicle.

Electric armoured Cash in Transit (CIT) trucks are one part of Armaguard Group’s commitment to the Linfox GreenFox program, with the pilot EV being trialled out of Melbourne’s Essendon branch.

“It’s incredibly exciting to embrace sustainable transportation solutions – especially to be providing such a cutting-edge electric vehicle,” said Armaguard Group’s Executive General Manager Operations, Michael Shipton.

“We are currently evaluating the EV at a speed between 70-80 kilometres per hour with a range of 100 kilometres, alongside our current diesel-powered vehicles within the Armaguard fleet. This pilot program shows real promise for the cash in transit industry.”

Around the world the use of EVs for secure transport is a relatively recent industry development. Armoured trucks have historically been a challenge to make electric due to their heavy weight requirements impacting payload. Following the first delivery of a road-ready EV armoured vehicle by German armoured vehicle manufacturer STOOF in 2020, a handful of operators globally have begun integrating EVs into their fleets in Europe and North America.

Mick recognises the complete conversion of Armaguard’s armoured vehicle fleet to electric may be some time away, but the Armaguard Group’s pilot EV vehicle is a significant starting point for the organisation.

“Expanding our EV fleet is a key element of our future planning, and like most technological advances in established industries, our evolution here will be incremental,” said Mick.

“Looking forward, as EV technology continues to develop and the infrastructure to support them continues to expand, there’s no question that our fleet in the years ahead will feature more and more of these vehicles.”

A completely customised solution

As Australia’s first 100 per cent electric Armoured CIT vehicle, the pilot EV truck is fitted with leading technology. Specifications include:

  • Custom built 2023 Mitsubishi Fuso eCanter
  • Power output of 135KW which produces 390Nm torque
  • 1.7 tonnes of payload capacity
  • Fully charged in just 90 minutes using a 40KW DC charge unit
  • Vehicle and pedestrian recognition safety detection systems
  • Proprietary biometric technology to verify guard identity and manage vehicle access.
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