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Fostering tomorrow’s leaders

Written by

Shivika Bubber
Linfox International Group Regional Human Resources Director

Achieve Together

The Linfox Leadership Acceleration Program (LAP) launches in Asia, advancing the next generation of leaders to drive business and customer success.


In the dynamic and ever-evolving business world, cultivating strong leadership is vital for an organisation to sustainably grow.

Aligning with our Linfox International Group (LIG) commitment of ‘delivering GROWTH, together’ and our pledge to develop our own, the new LAP initiative empowers our managers with the essential skills and knowledge required for effective leadership.

What distinguishes the LAP is its comprehensive curriculum and the diverse backgrounds of participants. LAP is a significant milestone for LIG. A tailored development program addressing unique needs within the business, it sets a new leadership standard by emphasising practicality, customisation and a holistic blended learning approach.

The LAP program unfolds in three distinct phases: ‘Leading Self,’ ‘Leading Other,’ and ‘Leading Business,’ with each phase building upon the previous via an innovative blend of learning methods.

In the ‘Leading Self’ phase, participants explore self-awareness and strengths through virtual sessions, face-to-face workshops, and instructor-led sessions.

Instructors in this phase are experts in their respective fields, allowing participants to learn from the best and gain deep insights into their own leadership styles.

The ‘Leading Other’ phase focuses on building effective teams and stakeholder management. The program includes practical assignments that encourage participants to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios – a crucial aspect of leadership development.

With the diversity of the participants across LIG countries and functions, these assignments offer an enriching array of perspectives and experiences.

In the final ‘Leading Business’ phase, the focus shifts to shaping organisational culture and fostering innovation. Participants collaborate and exchange innovative ideas, drawing from diverse backgrounds to align their leadership strategies with Linfox’s business goals.

LAP provides a digital tool to support the learning process, offering resources, assessment materials, and a platform for collaboration and insights sharing. LAP’s digital aspect aligns with Linfox’s commitment to use technology for enhanced learning experiences.

Through Linfox’s investment in our diverse talent, we empower our managers to become leaders capable of navigating logistics and supply chain industry complexities. As the 31 LAP participants graduate from the program, they carry enhanced leadership skills and a global network of colleagues committed to the company’s success.

This remarkable initiative is another example of our dedication to nurturing leadership and setting new benchmarks for development

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