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Creating a mentally healthy workplace

Written by

Chris Wilks
Group Manager, Safety Health and Wellbeing
Chris leads the Safety, Health and Wellbeing team for Linfox Logistics across Australia and New Zealand. He brings a broad base of experience in health and safety, people and culture, risk management, injury management, wellbeing and compliance.


In 2023 we started the conversation about creating a mentally healthy workplace. For our team, a mentally healthy workplace is a place where we feel supported, have a sense of belonging and feel safe to speak up when something isn’t right.


Enhancing wellbeing has always been at the core of Linfox’s Healthy Fox program, but recent changes in work health and safety legislation have resulted in a more formal approach to identifying and addressing aspects of work that may have a negative impact on our team.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It is an ongoing process which requires trust, care and open communication from our Linfox team members, customers, subcontractors, and agency team members and partners.

As with workplace safety, our business, and our customers in turn, will get the best outcomes when we involve our team by asking, listening and learning from their experience of work.

Through 2024 we will work closely with everyone in the Linfox community to help create a mentally healthy workplace through various programs, initiatives and training opportunities.

Raising awareness

Linfox has developed a simple interactive video to help us all navigate conversations about workplace factors that can impact mental health. Featuring Workplace Psychologist David Burroughs, the video outlines the role we all play in creating a mentally healthy workplace, regardless of your position.

Safety Health and Wellbeing

The video is part of an internal campaign which gives all our teams the opportunity to stop, watch the video and discuss the content afterwards.

Linfox recently launched mental health training for all Linfox team members across Australia and New Zealand. The online program has been developed by the Black Dog Institute and consists of four 15-minute modules that cover:

  • how to recognise and manage stress
  • the benefits of seeking support early
  • the importance of maintaining good mental health
  • looking out for your team (leaders only).

This training forms part of our broader efforts to foster mental health, reduce stigma around mental health related conditions and establish a shared language across the business.

Lifting leadership capability

Leaders are often the first line of defence to recognise and respond when team members need support. They are also in the best position to understand and address the workplace factors that have the potential to cause harm.

The Linfox Leader Program is a nine-month face-to-face course, designed to build leadership skills and equip our people leaders with practical workplace tools.

One course module is solely dedicated to helping leaders navigate safety, health and wellbeing conversations and lead a positive culture onsite. This significant investment sets our leaders up for success and aligns everyone towards creating a mentally healthy workplace.

In addition to this formal course, quarterly information sessions are held for emerging leaders, health and safety representatives and anyone with an interest in health and wellbeing. These facilitated sessions deep dive into topics that support the health and wellbeing of our team.

Identifying and addressing psychosocial risk

Linfox recently conducted a company-wide workplace wellbeing survey to identify psychosocial hazards and assess the associated risk. The anonymous survey is mapped to locations so that results are relevant to a specific site or team.

The high level of participation was encouraging and will help us tailor strategies to the specific needs of our teams across Linfox.

We will use the learnings from this survey to better understand and address our team’s psychosocial risks over the coming months and beyond.

Supporting recovery

Unfortunately, we are not always able to step in before things go wrong. We work in a fast-paced industry with lots of operational demands. We also employ a large driver group who are often the first to respond to incidents on the road.

We will continue to find better ways to support our team members through partnering with professional providers and providing ongoing communication and care.

Tickford Racing Supercar driver Thomas Randle recently visited Linfox Coles and BevChain DC team members in Victoria to talk about the value of nutrition, self care and fuelling for success in work and life - followed by a healthy morning tea.

Stronger through industry partnerships

Our dedication to health and wellbeing also inspired Linfox’s collaboration with industry partners to launch Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds in 2020.

As a founding member and with Lindsay Fox AC as trusted Patron, together we further extend access to evidence-based health and wellbeing tools, resources, training and nationwide events for our people.

In 2024 we look forward to strengthening our customer and industry partnerships to share stories and learn from each other in our journey to create a mentally healthy workplace.

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