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AI enhances safety and security in Asia

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In a new era that promises to enhance safety and security, Linfox International Group (LIG) is embracing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) through seamless integration with its CCTV camera infrastructure.


Keeping Linfox people, customers and communities safe is built into the fabric of the Linfox business through its industry-leading Vision Zero strategy.

The integration of AI technology with safety and security is a transformative journey, explains Regional Director Security, Safety and Compliance LIG, Mark Rowley.

“With a focus on tangible benefits, we’ve harnessed innovation to create a workplace where accidents are minimised, pedestrian safety is prioritised and operations are optimised,” said Mark.

“Together, we’re forging a safer, more efficient future for Linfox, our people and our valued customers.”

Linfox is working with technology partners to elevate capabilities in this area, assisting the business to identify critical behaviours with the potential to influence operations and overall safety.

Through this partnership, the integration of AI introduces a range of safety-enhancing features, including:

MHE proximity alert: Monitors material handling equipment (MHE) in real time, allowing the system to issue prompt alerts when the equipment is within three metres of a person.

Footpath compliance: Identifies and alerts when individuals are not using designated footpaths.


Optimised MHE utilisation: Identifies under-utilised or parked MHE units to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Distracted pedestrian detection: Identifies individuals engaged in mobile phone use, a common cause of workplace accidents.

Alcohol testing: Monitors alcohol testing at entry points for all team members, identifying and alerting safety teams where checks may have been missed.

Vehicle roadworthiness checks: Thorough examination of subcontractor vehicles to ensure the highest roadworthiness standards.

Continuously seeking better and safer approaches to everyday work minimise risks and enhances wellbeing for everyone.

The integration of AI technology into Linfox’s Asian operations represents a remarkable boost in safety, productivity, and adherence to its safety and security standard operating procedures.

Linfox will continue to focus on leveraging the promising potential of AI, with this work deeply connected to the company’s commitment to protect its people, customers, assets and product, while unlocking productivity enhancements and minimising disruptions.

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