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Armaguard - Australia 's largest and most sophisticated cash logistics business provides customers with a variety of cash delivery and collection services combined with accurate electronic processing and reporting, maximum security and customer safety.

Armaguard - timely, accurate and secure.

Established in 1938, Armaguard is the market leader in cash transport, cash management, processing, reporting, banking and storing cash and non-cash items of value for the retail and financial services market including:

  • retailers, from major retail chains through to small local retailers
  • banks, credit unions and building societies
  • hotels, clubs and gaming venues
  • service stations and convenience stores
  • cinemas and recreational venues
  • tollway, parking and vending systems
  • government departments and municipal authorities

The primary focus is on providing cost-effective outsourced banking alternatives to meet the changing needs of the retail and banking industries. Cash and non-cash items of value are protected from theft and mishandling while customers are provided with accurate and precise electronic processing and settlement. This not only provides a safer work environment, but also helps contain staffing costs.



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