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New BevChain fleet raises the roof

Grow Stronger


BevChain continues its investment in a variety of modern, higher capacity fleet to support important beverage transport partnerships in Thailand.

Prime mover and trailer combinations

“New UD Quester prime movers coupled with our newly designed CIMC straight deck curtain side trailers have improved capacity for our customer, Boon Rawd Trading by almost 10 per cent,” explained CEO BevChain Asia, Matt Sheridan.

The new fit-for-purpose trailers have a raisable roof which allows beer products to be double stacked. The rear door and the efficient load restraint curtains both improve load and unload times, creating more efficient and versatile freight options for a broader range of customer products.

Heavy rigid vehicles (10W)

The new UD Croner heavy rigid fleet have been designed specifically for BevChain’s keg and packaged delivery network.

“They feature Lamberet bodies with two configurations, one is a conventional load restraint curtain side and the other a sliding side restraint curtain system allowing for fast and easy access to the load,” said Matt.

The new keg vehicles offer 10 per cent capacity improvement with room for 352 30-litre kegs on board. Both configurations come with folding side steps allowing our drivers safe and easy access.

Medium rigid vehicles (6W and 4W)

“Our new Hino Victor 500 medium rigid and Isuzu D-Max vehicles upgrade our fleet with the latest models, helping BevChain drivers to safely navigate their deliveries in the tight and busy Bangkok metropolitan environment,” said Matt.

“As always, in line with Linfox and BevChain’s safety commitment, all our new fleet have driver and community safety top of mind. Backed by the Linfox Regional Operations Centre, drivers are now operating much safer, easier and more accessible vehicles to help protect them, their families and the regions in which we operate.”

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