Why choose Linfox

Being competitive is essential to the success of your business. Linfox gives you a commercial edge. We have moved freight for more than 60 years and we harness this knowledge to ensure our customers are competitive and playing to win. Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world have relied on our supply chain expertise for many years.

We will exceed your expectations

With decades of industry experience, we have built a hard-earned reputation to become an iconic company. From a seamless transition to excellent execution and ongoing strategic advice, when you choose Linfox, you can be confident that we will always deliver.

We do more than deliver goods

Our transport experience means we can identify opportunities to improve our customers’ competitiveness through:

  • reduced costs
  • improved visibility
  • industry-leading technology
  • simplified logistics channels.

Our ongoing research into emerging technologies keeps our customers ahead of the game, providing them deeper business insights to drive efficiency and better meet customer needs.

We do not compromise on safety and quality

Our reputation has been built on safety, compliance and a firm commitment to Chain of Responsibility.

We have the systems and support to ensure the safety of your people, your customers and the communities in which you operate at all times.

Our goal is Vision ZERO. Zero fatalities. Zero injuries. Zero motor vehicle incidents. Zero net emissions. Zero tolerance of unsafe behaviour.