Vehicle & fleet management

An efficient, safe and modern fleet ensures the reliability of your supply chain. Our expertise in vehicle and fleet management keeps your business ahead of the competition.

The Linfox fleet is one of the youngest, safest and most environmentally friendly fleets on the road. Vehicles are replaced regularly to take advantage of new technology that improves safety and efficiency, while also reducing emissions.

Our Fleet team has been keeping Linfox and its customers moving for more than four decades. The team manages:

  • all fleet purchases for the Linfox business
  • related fleet procurement, risk & finance issues
  • management, servicing and repairs of all Linfox equipment.

The team works closely with manufacturers to procure, design and implement fleets that are tailored to the needs of our customers. We also design and project manage solutions for customers including high capacity trailers to increase operational efficiency.

The cleanliness of all Linfox vehicles is a mark of pride for the Fleet team. State-of-the-art truck washes are located at all major sites to ensure the Linfox brand and our customers’ brands are presented well, whenever and wherever they are on the road. It takes 40 minutes for our trucks to be washed.

Our experienced Fleet Maintenance team keep our vehicles well-maintained and performing safely and efficiently. They are supported by a team of professional fleet managers, each with extensive technical backgrounds. The primary role of a Linfox Fleet Manager is:

  • vehicle management
  • fleet management systems
  • vehicle maintenance and upkeep
  • identify the needs of the operations
  • manage the lifecycle of Linfox vehicles and equipment from acquisition to disposal
  • monitor closely with our workshop team the overall efficiency and productivity of the equipment through its maintenance schedules.

Linfox’s Service Centres across the Asia Pacific are staffed by a team committed to the Linfox values and who are dedicated to ensuring that safety and compliance come first. Linfox fleet maintenance is undertaken in accordance with our fleet maintenance policy that requires:

  • that all Linfox equipment is maintained to the servicing requirements by the manufacturer
  • that fleet maintenance meets all State/Federal regulations for accreditation and compliance
  • all Linfox equipment is maintained in accordance with its servicing schedule to ensure the safety of the public, our staff and the efficient operation of our fleet.

Our Fleet team provides Linfox customers with a competitive edge by designing, selecting and procuring the best possible fleet to meet their needs. The Fleet team works with all major truck manufacturers to secure the best fleet solutions for Linfox customers.

The Linfox fleet is renewed on average every three years to take advantage of new technology including advances in safety, efficiency and emissions. The efficiency of the Linfox fleet has helped reduce Linfox emissions by more than 50% since 2009.

Dunlop & Linfox: 50 Years Strong

“In 1968 we shook hands on a one year contract with Harry Pill, Russ McKenzie and Ian Dickar to deliver Dunlop tyres in Melbourne. The contract had an option for three more years if both organisations found the agreement to be beneficial. 2018 marks 50 years that we’ve been doing business together, so I reckon we’ve both got the balance right.”
– Lindsay Fox

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