Transport management systems

Efficient transport management is essential to the success of your business.

The Linfox Transport Management System (LTMS) manages the transport of your goods from end-to-end with efficiency and visibility. The LTMS combines standard training and interfaces to provide a transport management solution in a box.

Fleet monitoring

FoxTrax is Linfox’s state-of-the-art vehicle management system which has been designed to improve safety, security and operational efficiencies in the supply chain business. FoxTrax uses GPS technology to track vehicle movements and record a range of operational data in real-time, including:

  • road speed
  • engine RPM
  • hard braking
  • fuel efficiency
  • vehicle location
  • driver identification
  • kilometres travelled
  • vehicle service requirements
  • engine fault codes and warnings.

The system provides a two-way messaging facility that enables drivers to be alerted to important changes in their delivery schedule, such as traffic hazards and alternative routes. The system can also be used to send important emergency response information.

FoxTrax is monitored from Linfox’s central control rooms and can be accessed via any computer. The technology is the first of its kind in Australia.


FoxTrax provides real time visibility of our vehicles

Drive-cam fatigue management technology

Linfox in-cab driver camera technology helps Linfox’s professional drivers stay alert to their environment, and assists in the measurement and monitoring of driver behaviour.

The technology records risky behaviour and provides opportunities to intervene with improvement measures, and mitigate the risk of future incidents. The technology also alerts Linfox of events showcasing good driver behaviour, providing opportunities to acknowledge and reward those drivers involved. The technology generates a range of reports that measure trends in behaviours. The data also assists in assessing incident blameworthiness and provides useful evidence to support a driver’s statement if required.

The technology is triggered by braking, cornering and rough/uneven surfaces that have an inertia greater than a g-force rating of 0.5. Alternatively, the driver can manually trigger the event to highlight a hazard by pressing a button on the dashboard.

The data is captured on a palm-sized digital recorder mounted in the front of Linfox vehicles, which uploads data to a control room for analysis.

ePOD capabilities for subcontracted fleet

Across Asia we also provide ePOD capabilities for our subcontracted fleet. This system is managed through a phone application to provide us and your organisation with information on such things as; fleet GPS tracking, geo fencing, and electronic proof of delivery.

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