Logistics IT

To be competitive your supply chain needs to be truly integrated, visible and efficient.

Linfox invests in world class IT applications and infrastructure, sponsoring research into emerging technology and developing specialised applications to meet our customers’ needs.

Our warehouse and transport management systems provide a suite of rich features that enable transparency across the entire supply chain. The systems can be adapted and integrated with our customers’ existing IT infrastructure to support the full end-to-end value chain used in modern supply chain operations.

We continue to review emerging technologies to provide our customers with supply chain solutions that can meet their changing needs and grow with their business.

Transport Management Systems

Efficient transport management is essential to the success of your business.

Linfox’s Transport Management System (LTMS) manages the transport of your goods from end-to-end with efficiency and visibility. The LTMS combines standard training and interfaces to provide a transport management solution in a box.

Warehouse management systems

A reliable warehouse network is essential to being competitive in your market.

The Linfox Warehouse Management System (LWMS) enables the complete operation of a warehouse site.