High security network

Strong supply chains must be able to withstand threats and recover quickly from disruption.

Linfox’s multi-layered approach to supply chain security enables us to promote the efficient movement of goods while maintaining a robust system that prevents risks and hazards.

Every year Linfox is entrusted with $53 billion worth of stock, often in high security environments to deliver the needs of Government, Defence, alcohol, healthcare, and tobacco industries.

Our highly secure supply chain network is underpinned by:

  • a culture of vigilance
  • comprehensive training
  • a specialised security team
  • close tracking of drivers and fleet
  • state-of-the-art data and IT systems
  • strict protocols, procedures, and policies
  • physical security at sites and warehouses
  • adherence to applicable laws and regulations
  • stringent subcontractor compliance procedures
  • proactive monitoring of national and regional security issues
  • capability to conduct police-level investigations and inquiries at the request of customers.

Linfox is committed to the engagement and empowerment of all staff to ensure the ongoing integrity of all operations.

24×7 operational support

Linfox provides 24×7 operational support, with central control rooms monitoring all Linfox vehicles for security and fleet performance. Our control rooms are responsible for the interactive monitoring and reporting of safety, compliance, and security in our rapidly expanding regional network. They deliver real-time safety, security, and operations monitoring, which includes:

  • Driver style – Monitoring drivers’ compliance with safe driver policy (speeding, acceleration, breaking, fatigue management).
  • Weather report – Weekly weather forecasting and alerts highlighting heavy rain areas.
  • Flooding and hazard alerts – Identifies the location of hazards and provides alternative routes.
  • Unauthorised stops and fuel theft – Monitors and investigates instances of fuel theft.
  • Unrest areas – Identifies areas of unrest and provides alternative routes.
  • Door sensor alerts – Monitors and investigates instances where door sensor alarms are triggered.
  • Traffic report – Monitors traffic congestion and provides alternative routes.
  • Roadblocks – Monitors roadblocks and provides alternative routes.
  • Performance monitoring – Monitors driver and vehicle performance, tracks delivery and pick up times against schedule, provides truck arrival and departure notification to customers and operations team.

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