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Intelligent security protects supply chains

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Stuart Oliver
General Manager Security
Stuart is Linfox General Manager, Security for Linfox Australia and New Zealand, Fox Private and the Fox family. His 12 years at Linfox also include previous roles as National Manager Security for ANZ and Asia Pacific. Stuart also served Victoria Police for 12 years, with a decade of that spent in tactical policing.

Grow Stronger


Intelligent, effective security systems have become critically important to protect individuals, businesses and the community.


Designing fit-for-purpose, secure warehousing and transport solutions has always been a priority for Linfox. We continue to grow stronger because we protect our people, customer products, company assets and most importantly, our reputation.

The costs of security breaches extend beyond just financial loss and the commercial flow-on effects of theft.

Crimes can have ongoing effects on our people, their families and communities, and early intervention can stop those events before they occur.

We see security as a process, not a product. That process is the cornerstone of our security defence and in-depth approach: to deter, detect, delay, mitigate and respond to incidents and security threats.

We always look to new digital technologies to achieve this. Embracing digitisation continues to deliver positive outcomes for Linfox  customers and the team members who manage our customer partnerships.

Digitising security

To enhance our security posture, new technology allows us to capture information like thermal imagery, location data, AI insights and other real time information that feeds directly to our 24/7 Armaguard Monitoring Centre (AMC) – an A1 rated security hub with an eagle eye over all Linfox sites and fleet.

After a thorough review of existing security measures, Linfox Security implemented a number of next-generation multifaceted devices and processes to enhance security, safety and operational efficiency at sites.

Our partnership with Motorola Solutions subsidiary, Avigilon – a company trusted by the US Government – is giving us access to these real-time monitoring and forensic analysis tools.

These help AMC monitor and Linfox Security respond to alerts, assess unfolding situations, and make quick, informed decisions, which may include calling emergency services or other mobile security teams. These tools include:

  • Tripwire and motion detection analytics that create a virtual exclusion zone around our customer and Linfox assets.
  • Network video recording devices allowing analytic integration between site CCTV systems and alarm systems, with our CCTV systems notifying Linfox and the AMC of any breaches.
  • The integration enables instant notification and escalation of incidents as required, with hardware such as visible strobes and sirens also deployed
    and integrated to further deter criminal activity.
  • Internal training provided by Avigilon allows for forensic analysis and expedited CCTV searches to assist customers with reviewing product movement.
  • Remote CCTV viewing capabilities
  • Daily CCTV review and alarm reporting from both AMC and Linfox Security team.


Real time CCTV technology keeps an eye on all vehicles exiting site boomgates at the Linfox Adelaide Freight Terminal Facility.

When events of interest occur or predefined rules are triggered, the intelligent cloud video security system alerts AMC and Linfox Security to unusual activities through the following real time tools:

  • Spotlight: ‘Always on’ video analytics provides the right video feed in real time as an event of interest occurs.
  • Map view: Visibility of onsite people and vehicles with references to site maps.
  • Timeline with smart presence: Indicates movement, alarms and events on timelines of both video and map view, highlighting people and vehicles.
  • Counts: Insights on how many people are in the office and number of vehicles in the carpark at any given time.
  • Unusual events: Over time, artificial intelligence (AI) learns what is normal for a site, for example, that team members are not in the office after a certain time at night.
  • Rules: These can be configured for events of interest to a particular site. For example, if a person is loitering near a building entrance, rules set up to monitor appearance, loitering, line crossing and counts will notify sites accordingly. When these rules are triggered, alarms pop up notifying Linfox security teams. Similarly, when the AI detects an anomaly, events are created to notify that something unusual has occurred.

Cloud video forensic tools also include:

  • Constant analysis of all video inputs to optimise the search task for historic events. Videos can easily be bookmarked, with secure links sent to those to view and/or securely export the footage.
  • Quick search from video and map view enables a quick search for a person or vehicle in video view or map view. Events captured on a single camera can be searched across all cameras.
Site entry digital boom gates activate and alert staff when a person or vehicle enters site via the wrong direction, against the arrows as above.

Proven results

As a result of the security and policy uplifts, the new technology:

  • Captured two thefts occurring in real time, reported instantly by the AMC to Victoria Police – one theft saw offenders flee leaving a rear compartment door open, Linfox crews were able to avoid potential spoilage saving around $200K.
  • Captured several suspicious activity events near site entrances, promptly reported to Victoria Police for investigation.
  • Recorded a serious vehicle collision, assisting Victoria Police with investigations.
  • Recorded several onsite safety incidents which were quickly reported.

Our customers are reassured by our commitment to best practice, our capability and the expertise of our security teams.

Linfox’s commitment to securing our future and the substantial assets entrusted to us by our customers is stronger than ever and will continue to be a top priority.

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