Dairy and fresh

Consumers want fresh food and they want it fast.

In the battle for market share, your supply chain must be able to bridge the needs of growers, suppliers and cold chain specialists to move produce quickly from paddock to plate.

Linfox has the expertise to support you in meeting growing customer demand for the freshest food at the lowest prices.

As a seasoned cold chain partner managing temperature-controlled, chilled and frozen distribution for major grocery retailers, we have the experience to deliver and manage complex supply chains.

The Linfox network includes a series of temperature-controlled distribution centres, cross-dock facilities, and a fleet with the latest in vehicle, trailer and container equipment. Linfox’s warehouse and transport management systems integrate with retailers’ systems to track location and control temperature from despatch to drop-off.

By cutting the time fresh food spends in transit, we help you reap the benefits of fresher, longer-lasting products.

Fast fact: For some grocery retailers, Linfox coordinates up to 15,000 truck movements each week.

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