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Are your customers thirsty? The drinks are on us.

Linfox-owned beverage specialist BevChain provides tailored supply chain solutions for the beverage industry across Australia, consolidating products from some of our nation’s favourite brands for country-wide distribution.

BevChain delivers ‘best-in-class’ warehouse and distribution services and enables businesses in the beverage industry to tap into a single dedicated industry supply chain network and benefit from combining distribution know-how and resources to optimise efficiencies and costs.

Handling more than 2.5 billion serving units annually and calling on 25,000 delivery points each week, Bevchain is the leader in beverage supply chain solutions.

As a specialist in the warehousing and distribution of alcoholic beverages, BevChain understands the demands placed on the liquor industry and its customers. Since BevChain’s inception, suppliers of beer, wine and spirits have taken advantage of BevChain’s specialised services and ability to tailor solutions to meet their needs.

BevChain operates from 25 distribution centres in six states, with a fleet of over 200 vehicles plus subcontractors.

Our specialist team support customers through:

  • scalable services
  • secondary freight
  • closed-loop delivery networks
  • repacking, knitting and rework
  • bespoke supply chain solutions
  • national distribution centre and state-based warehousing.

Secondary freight

BevChain provides dedicated ‘secondary freight’ services from customers’ own facilities, playing an integral role within their supply chains, in getting finished goods into store.

Line Haul

BevChain has developed an industry-leading Line Haul service to complement its broader supply chain capability, which enables even deeper customer integration.


BevChain services more than 25,000 delivery points every week, handling over 2.5 billion beverage serving units every year. In this consolidated service, the team execute 99 per cent of deliveries in full, on time across the business all year round, via a mix of fleet that numbers over 400, with over half of this company owned.

Cross Dock

With a mix of supply chain models in operation, BevChain offers cross-dock solutions to provide a seamless delivery experience for customers who choose to service markets from interstate.

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Linfox's History in Beverages

“Linfox’s first loads were coal for the Melbourne gasworks in winter. But in summer we delivered soft drink. I also delivered wooden crates to Schweppes and Coca-Cola for their bottles. I got to know everyone there and the friends I made there became our first major customers as Linfox grew. The Coca-Cola contract for Sydney in 1975 was a real milestone but in the 1980’s we added Queensland and Victoria.”

 Lindsay Fox

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