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Linfox established operations in India in 2006 and now has 16 operating sites across the country servicing global FMCG, industrial and beverage customers in India. In India, Linfox employs almost 2,500 people from various geographies and cultures within the country to manage their 1.9 million square feet of warehousing space. We are an integrated and in plant supply chain solutions provider for in country logistics and complex logistics challenges throughout India. We service key markets throughout the North, West and South of India with an established distribution network for providing last mile solutions.


Let’s have a look at our operations in Asia

Supply chain solutions

Our team in India has extensive experience and capability across in plant management, transportation, warehousing, technology solutions, asset protection and safety solutions. We offer unique value for our partners throughout India as one of the only 3PLs to manage highly automated warehousing in the country and the only multinational 3PL providing alco-beverage logistics support to the brewing industry in the country. In India, we are also the only multinational 3PL catering to complex FMCG operations and were the first mover in managing a mega distribution centre, offering integrated distribution solutions encompassing warehouse management, secondary distribution and key last mile modern trade and store deliveries.

Warehousing and distribution

Across India, Linfox manages over 1.9 million square feet of warehousing space and handles 120 million cases per annum through multiple modern and conventional state-of-the-art distribution centers. Our experienced team members provide analytical and advisory services for delivering innovative customer-oriented supply chain solutions for inventory management, distribution network design and optimisation using simulation and slotting software. Customers value our dedication to safe warehousing practices and our ability to help them achieve industry standard certifications and compliance for distribution centers. In India, our expertise in managing distribution centers and in-plant automated warehouses has delivered our customers across the FMCG, beverages and industrial sectors significantly increased efficiency and standards. Linfox also provides value added services for customers including promotion bundling, packing and repacking, bar coding and labeling.

Transport and freight management

Our fleet network, including sub-contractor fleet, has over 2,500 vehicles and volume capabilities of handling over 62,000 trips per annum. These primary and secondary freight services available for customers ensure safe delivery across India with one of lowest ratio of damages and shortages. Customers appreciate our reliability and agility. With the FMCG and alco-beverage industry both challenged with skewed month end and seasonal distribution of products, our transport capabilities and solutions deliver significant benefit for global brands in FMCG and alco-beverages sectors to achieve safe, secure, on-time deliveries throughout India. Linfox experts can also provide analytical and advisory services for delivering innovative customer-oriented supply chain solutions through:

  • modeling capability for transport
  • demand forecasting and planning
  • distribution modeling for freight and route optimisation
  • transport modeling – route planning, routing / scheduling, and reverse logistics management.

We also have capability to provide live resource and shipment tracking through a centralised control tower room which can help real time visibility on the fleet’s safety and services.

Technology Solutions

The supply chain and IT solutions team is based out of our Mumbai Head office. The supply chain solutions team provides analytical and advisory services and develop new operational capabilities, covering everything from supply chain network analysis to design and implementation of transport and warehouse optimisation systems within operations. The team also provides new strategic services and large-scale productivity enhancements. They work with our operations team to design, implement and optimise technology and process programs to deliver project success and drive operational efficiencies. The IT team can deliver varied warehouse and transport solutions with smart last mile distribution management, e-POD & dashboard capabilities.

Careers & Jobs

In India, we pride ourselves on being a team of dedicated, experienced and professional people from different regions and cultures within India. As throughout Linfox, safety is part of our culture and we lead the way in India through our safe work culture. With over 2,500 employees working at Linfox there are diverse opportunities available in various roles and levels from warehouse and forklift operators, administration, transport and finance managers to human resource and safety managers and supply chain solutions specialists.