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Linfox Logistics was founded in Australia in 1956. Today, the company continues to call Australia home with its headquarters based in Melbourne, Victoria. Linfox Logistics in Australia delivers sophisticated and adaptable supply chain solutions to some of Australia’s largest and most successful organisations across a broad range of industry sectors. Our culture of continuous improvement ensures that customers receive the competitive edge they need to be successful. We invest in the latest vehicles and regularly test new technology to improve the safety of our people and the communities in which we operate. Our teams continually explore opportunities to improve safety, reduce fatigue and optimise the supply chain of our customers.  We are at the forefront of industry research, preparing Linfox and our customers for the future.


Our Australian team offers the following capabilities:

Supply chain solutions

We create value for our Australian customers by enhancing efficiencies in the management of end-to-end relationships, product movements and information flows across customer operations. Our Australian team has extensive industry experience in:

  • lean methodology
  • supply chain analytics
  • innovation and design thinking
  • project management and implementation
  • distribution centre and transport network design
  • marketing, customer development and corporate affairs.

Logistics IT

Our world class IT systems enhance operational efficiencies and deliver real-time solutions for customer supply chains. The Linfox Warehouse and Transport Management Solutions enable significant improvements in processes and supply chain monitoring. Linfox Control Rooms provide real-time event tracking and enhanced customer visibility of Linfox vehicles across Australia.

Warehousing and distribution

We provide a broad range of warehousing and distribution solutions. We manage customer-dedicated national distribution centres using cutting-edge warehouse management systems and a vast network of multi-user sites. We efficiently manage large volumes of product, cater for short and long-term storage and accommodate customer overflow requirements. Our sites include:

  • 24/7 access
  • high security
  • inventory management
  • container stuffing and de-stuffing
  • warehousing and order fulfillment
  • port and rail links for intermodal shipments
  • locations close to major roads and motorways in capital cities.

Transport and freight management

Our vast fleet of tankers, road trains, prime movers, trailers and bulk containers enable us to meet the individual requirements of our customers. We invest in the safest and most energy efficient vehicles as part of our commitment to protect the safety and health of our people, the public and our environment.

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