Sennheiser, FMCG

A fulfilling transition

The customer: Sennheiser

Sennheiser is a privately-held audio company specialising in the design and production of a wide range of high fidelity products for personal, professional and business use. This includes microphones, headphones, telephony accessories and avionics headsets. Sennheiser employs approximately 2,750 people in 50 countries across the globe.

Linfox services

Linfox provides third party fulfilment services for Sennheiser in Australia from Linfox’s central fulfilment centre in Erskine Park, NSW. For delivery, Linfox liaises with last-mile shippers such as Australia Post and StarTrack.

Services include:

  • Technical repair centre
  • Spare parts
  • Returns management processing
  • Retail-ready packing
  • Personalisation and gift wrapping
  • Track-and-trace technology

The challenge

In 2016, Sennheiser went to tender for a larger, outsourced warehouse solution to enhance customer service and meet large-scale growth targets. Linfox was successful, with an ambitious plan to fully transition the electronics company into Linfox’s new fulfilment centre in a tight timeframe.

The solution

Linfox’s solution included a cloud-based system that would allow volume management and control delivery times. Linfox would introduce a suite of value-added services, plus an onsite technical centre for Sennheiser staff to work from. An improved warehouse management system (WMS) would also be implemented, with complete transition of stock from Sennheiser’s Chatswood site into the Linfox facility in a relatively small time.

The process involved strong collaboration between the Linfox and Sennheiser teams. The transition took place over a two-week period, with full integration of systems. All SKU data, including dimensions and weight, were also captured in this time.

The full systems integration has given the Sennheiser service team full visibility of all orders, including track-and-trace and POD functionality. The ability for real-time spare parts deliveries into the onsite technical repair centre allows fast turnaround of repairs and re-delivery to the customer.

Markus says Sennheiser can now provide customers with the service they expect. “Customers know they can place an order at 2pm and it will be shipped on the same day. We can give them reliability and certainty.”

The future

Sennheiser’s increased speed to market has contributed to a five per cent increase in sales. The partnership is evolving rapidly, with Linfox beginning a refurb program on Sennheiser’s behalf to increase sales through an online seconds portal.

Linfox is now expanding operations for Sennheiser to deliver into New Zealand.

From the client

“On the day we went live, we could send boxes. I’ve seen other warehouse integrations before, and this is certainly the best,” says Markus Dreimann, Director of Operations at Sennheiser Australia and New Zealand.