Delivering sustainably

Linfox cares about the environment. We aim to distribute our customers’ products without depleting the earth’s already scarce resources. We believe improved environmental outcomes are not only good for our planet, but also good for business.

Linfox has placed a renewed focus on the environment and the continuation of its sustainability journey through its 2020 strategy.

GreenFox: Towards ZERO Net Environmental Emissions

In 2007, we began a journey to reduce our environmental impact, setting a target to cut greenhouse gas emissions across the business by 50 per cent based on 2006/07 levels. This represented a commitment to the Linfox sustainability agenda, meeting our needs without compromising the requirements of future generations.

Through the dedication and sustained efforts of our people and customers, Linfox exceeded this significant target in 2017.

Looking ahead

We are setting a multi-focus target to further reduce emissions, decrease landfill and increase our use of renewable energy.

We will continue to work with our customers to reduce their carbon footprint through our operations.

It is an exciting time in the energy and transport industries and we are well placed to deliver further improvements and innovation to our people and customers.

In 2018, the focus on reducing our environmental impact continues. Linfox makes consistent investments in sustainability initiatives across the business. Some past and present initiatives include:

  • New truck and tyre technologies: Low rolling resistance tyres were implemented across most vehicles as standard. This has minimised energy waste and improved fuel economy across the fleet by approximately 4.5 per cent.
  • EcoDrive education programs: Linfox’s EcoDrive program continues to educate new and existing drivers on efficient driving practices. This provides both environmental and economic benefits.
  • Supply chain optimisation: New and existing vehicle routes and warehouse locations have been optimised to maximise efficiency and reduce resource use.
  • Aerodynamic vehicle design: Prime mover aerodynamic kits are fitted to all new vehicles to reduce vehicle drag. This improves engine performance and reduces fuel consumption. By implementing innovations such as roof fairings, turning vanes, side fender and aerodynamic mirrors, fuel savings of 8 per cent can be reached.
  • Solar panel systems: Linfox has made a significant investment in renewable energy with five 110 kilowatt (kW) solar panel systems installed across the warehouse network. The systems provide enough energy to power the equivalent of 100 Australian homes per year and will offset our total energy use. This will avoid creating 554 tonnes of CO annually. More systems will be installed in the coming years to further decrease our environmental impact.
  • Fuel efficient fleet purchases: Most recently Linfox invested in 60 new Mercedes Benz Actros 2653 prime movers. Fitted with the latest Euro6 engine technology, the trucks will be used across the Linfox intermodal fleet and bring the latest safety, efficiency and emissions reduction technology. The lower fuel consumption is so significant that the fuel tanks have been made smaller, without reducing the range. Carrying less fuel means a lighter truck, further increasing efficiency.

Pollution Incident Response

At Linfox, the health and safety of our people and the community are our number one priority. The health of our environment is also paramount.

When incidents occur that may impact the environment, our pollution incident management plans ensure we are focussed on responding quickly to manage and mitigate harms.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan