The Linfox Way

Our Code of Conduct

For over sixty years, Linfox’s values, vision and the way we work with our customers has underpinned our success and proud heritage. We pride ourselves on serving our customers safely, efficiently and sustainably and just as important as getting the job done right, is the way we act.

I am pleased to be able to share with you The Linfox Way, our refreshed Code of Conduct. The Linfox Way reflects who we are and serves as a practical and matter of fact guide on what it takes to be successful at Linfox.

Linfox has a way of working built on our values and hard-earned reputation. We have encapsulated our ambitions in this document. We ask you to observe and advise us of our progress.

We look forward to continuing to work with you The Linfox Way.

Mark Mazurek

Chief Executive Officer

Linfox Logistics Australia and New Zealand

A message from Linfox Logistics Australia and New Zealand CEO

Mark Mazurek introduces our Code of Conduct, The Linfox Way.