Linfox Operational Training - FAQs

Do you conduct licencing on weekends?

No, sorry! We run our courses between Monday to Friday.

Do you provide government funding?

Sorry, no. Our courses are not covered by government funding.


Do you have a Heavy Rigid Auto Vehicle for the Course?

Not at this stage, but perhaps in the future.  Check back for updates.


Is your heavy rigid (HR) vehicle automatic or manual?

Our training vehicles are all manual, allowing you to drive a wider range of vehicles if you pass your licence.


Will I get a job at Linfox if I pass my course?

Obtaining a licence through Linfox Operational Training will not put you ahead of others in obtaining employment with Linfox.  At the end of successful completion of the course, we can send your details to our recruitment department. You can also do this yourself at any time via:

Does LOT provide training to non-Australian citizens?

Unfortunately not. To undertake our heavy vehicle course you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. 

What payment options do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and Direct deposit that must be made 7 business days before commencement of your course.

How can I make a booking?
Please contact us on 1800 677 266 or alternatively email us at so we can provide you with a booking form and availability.

What are the hours of training?

Training will be conducted between the hours of 7.00am – 4.00pm

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