What is Linfox doing about safety?

Linfox has developed a range of initiatives to help us achieve Vision ZERO, including: 

  • Annual safety plans, outlining targets 
  • Daily safety observations recorded by each site in the Safety Leadership Journal 
  • Annual risk reviews and audits 
  • Stop for Safety meetings 
  • Driver buddy system 
  • Rewarding safe behaviour 
  • Challenging unsafe behaviour 
  • Peak Season Safety campaign 
  • Safety cards, outlining safety fundamentals. 

What is Linfox’s Safety, Health, Sustainability and Quality Policy?

The Linfox Safety, Health, Sustainability and Quality Policy can be here

What are Linfox’s safety rules for team members?

Our Vision ZERO safety rules start with leadership:

  1. Leadership – caring for our people and leading by example
  2. Visibly demonstrate your commitment to safety
  3. Empower people to stop, think and plan
  4. Set clear expectations
  5. Involve and communicate with your team
  6. Regularly thank your team for their safety efforts.

Our six behavioural rules:

  1. Stop, think and plan to be safe
  2. Stay at least three metres clear from moving mobile equipment
  3. Always wear your seat belt
  4. Drive to conditions and obey the speed limits
  5. Stop anyone with a bad lifting technique
  6. Never work when affected by drugs or alcohol.

How do I report a compliment, comment or complaint about a Linfox employee?

If you have a compliment, comment or complaint about a Linfox team member, please go to our Contact Us page and fill in the form or call 1300 880 535.

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