Position Statement: Citylink toll increase


Impact on Linfox Logistics
  • Previous Linfox analysis shared with Transurban has showed that speeds on Citylink have diminished over time
  • The current state of Citylink during current roadworks has further reduced traffic flow and road amenity impacting Linfox through:
    • Lower value (road amenity & traffic flow)
    • Higher operational costs to Linfox (increased travel times)
  • Linfox data comparing travel times in February 2016 to December 2016 on the Tullamarine freeway shows traffic has slowed by as much as 20%
Linfox Position
The 1 April toll increase is premature and should be delayed until Citylink works are complete
  • Citylink has reduced amenity and is delivering less value during roadworks
  • Travel speeds have decreased by as much as 20% since February last year
  • The reduced sign-posted speeds (80km/h vs 100km/h), traffic interruptions and diversions have increased Linfox running costs
  • The haulage, logistics and supply chain industries operate on low margins and the increased cost of tolls will be passed onto customers and ultimately consumers

Linfox is a significant Transurban customer and we are in ongoing discussions regarding the CityLink toll increase.

We will continue to review the use of alternative arterial roads to ensure we can deliver value and reliability for our customers.


For more information, contact: 
General Manager Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Ken Griffin 
M: +61 438 057 769

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