Media statement: Lindsay Fox: "Residential streets should be residential"


Linfox founder Lindsay Fox has lent his support to those opposed to heavy vehicles in residential areas saying: "residential streets should remain residential."

But he argues that this must be supported by upgrades to Victorian infrastructure. 

“If the roads are working properly and the infrastructure is right, then you shouldn’t have trucks in residential areas,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay is strongly opposed to the increasing cost of CityLink tolls with a heavy vehicle day pass rising from $11.85 to $26.70 on 1 April. 

“CityLink wants us to pay when the road isn’t complete and our productivity is down by 20 per cent. That’s putting the cart before the horse,” said Lindsay.

“We’re at least 20 per cent slower today on CityLink. Why should we pay for a road that’s not going to be complete for 12 months?”

“This impacts all businesses. The escalation of pricing without productivity can’t be justified.”

The CityLink increase represents a 125 per cent increase in the cost of a CityLink heavy vehicle day pass and is attributed to the cost of the $1.28 billion CityLink/Tulla widening project. 

The widening project is due for completion on an undisclosed date in 2018.

Linfox data comparing travel times in February 2016 to December 2016 on the Tullamarine freeway shows traffic has slowed by as much as 20 per cent. 

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