Caravan of Goodwill begins long journey to care for kids in remote NT


A caravan that has been professionally refurbished by Envision Employment Work for the Dole participants will be transported in-kind by Linfox to the remote Wugularr Aboriginal School in the Northern Territory on Friday. 

The ‘Caravan of Goodwill’ will provide much needed accommodation for Allied Health professionals, teachers and other professionals visiting the remote school.  
Envision Employment Director, Sean Teer said: “The caravan rebuild is the biggest project that Envision Employment has undertaken under the Work for the Dole scheme”. 

“The project was led by a highly skilled supervisor who trained and mentored job seekers in the required trade skills, developed their confidence in their existing skills and improved their job readiness.”

The Work for the Dole participants were sponsored by not-for-profit employment service Job Prospects and the Australian Government Department of Employment. 

Linfox CEO Annette Carey said the Caravan of Goodwill project combines two things that Linfox is  passionate about – job creation and opportunities for Indigenous Australians.   

“Linfox operates several employment programs that provide training and career pathways for young people and Indigenous Australians. We also provide regular in-kind support to people living in remote communities who benefit from our national logistics network,” said Annette. 
“The Linfox Ready Program for example supports Indigenous Australians with training and mentoring. Those who successfully complete the four week pre-employment training are guaranteed permanent full time employment.

“This is just one of the ways Linfox is dedicated to creating job opportunities, particularly for those who may be vulnerable or need additional support.”  

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