The abatement graph above shows the amount of greenhouse gases avoided by Linfox and falling absolute emissions.

Linfox is an industry leader in caring for the environment. We aim to distribute our customers’ products and resources without depleting the earth’s already scarce resources. We believe improved environmental outcomes are good for business; we are not waiting for legislative requirements. 

In 2007, Linfox set an ambitious target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent by 2015, based on 2006/07 levels. We had made substantial progress towards this goal in 2015 and significantly exceeded it in early 2017.
This result was achieved through the GreenFox sustainability program which included a range of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency across the business. 

The initiatives included: 
  • new truck and tyre technologies 
  • efficient warehouse lighting systems 
  • eco-driver education programs
  • aerodynamic vehicle design
  • best practice equipment use
  • creating a green workplace culture.

The future

Linfox’s new 2020 strategy continues the strong focus on sustainability building on the GreenFox program to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. 

Our long term sustainability policy emphasises the increasing use of renewables as one of the key contributors towards lowering emissions. As a logistics provider we have a key role to play in supporting the Australian COP 21 Paris Agreement obligations, leading to a national zero carbon outcome.


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