The abatement graph above shows the amount of greenhouse gases avoided by Linfox and falling absolute emissions.*

In 2007, Linfox started a journey to reduce its environmental impact, setting an ambitious target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 50 per cent by 2015, based on 2006/07 levels. Thanks to the considerable efforts of our people and customers, Linfox has substantially achieved this target, with a 46.5 per cent reduction as at the end of September 2015.          

Through the GreenFox sustainability program a range of initiatives were implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency across the business.  These included:

  • New truck and tyre technologies
  • Efficient warehouse lighting systems
  • Eco-driver education programs
  • Aerodynamic vehicle design
  • Best practice equipment use
  • Creating a green workplace culture

Our Development, Strategy and Innovation group also works with customers to help map carbon footprints that optimise supply chains and vehicle use.

The future

Linfox's new 2020 strategy continues the strong focus on sustainability. Beyond 2015, the Safety and Sustainability team within the Human Resources group will build on the GreenFox program to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. The business will increase its use of

  • Renewable fuels
  • Energy efficient lighting (e.g. a Linfox-managed FMCG 13,600 square metre warehouse in Queensland is now using over 50% less lighting energy, learn more here)
  • Solar energy (e.g. solar panels at the Linfox Kewdale DC and Linehaul facility in Western Australia have yielded over 115 mega watt hours (MWh) and avoided 103 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions between April and December 2015).

* The journey since 2007 shows changes as a result of business volumes, energy efficiency, supply chain optimisation and a small amount of renewables.  Supply chain optimisation and increased use of renewables are acting to decrease both the avoided and actual emission levels.  This is what is meant by the Linfox Vision Zero goal of 'net environmental emissions'. 

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