Energy Efficiency


As part of the Linfox sustainability journey to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency is achieved through ongoing improvement of fuel and electricity use, measurement and verification.  These energy efficiency gains have helped to reduce Linfox's greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 46.5 per cent based on 2006/07 levels, as at September 2015.  

Improved supply chain energy outcomes are achieved by:

  • Adopting new truck (low emission standard vehicles) and tyre technologies
  • Aerodynamic vehicle design and treatments
  • Constant driver education
  • Efficient warehouse lighting systems (such as LED - learn more here)
  • Best practice materials handling equipment and charging
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • High quality, timely reporting of energy use 
    • carbon accounting for energy use
    • externally report National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Scheme (NGERS) following Greenhouse Gas Protocol Guidelines. 

Greater energy efficiency and energy measurement allows Linfox to deliver better solutions to its customers.  

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