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Cash Collection

Cash collection services can be performed by Armaguard using either armoured or discreet services, depending on location and the volume of cash being handled.

Armaguard supplies, collects and processes cash for commercial environments and financial institutions.

Armoured services are provided by uniformed and armed personnel in an armoured vehicle.

Discreet or non-armoured services are suitable for collections of low volumes of cash and valuables. Armed guards in plain clothes provide this service, which is ideal for smaller retail and commercial environments.

These Armaguard services will not only improve safety for staff but will also help improve your business efficiency.

Key features include:

  • improved security and reduced risk for all staff
  • reduced staff time in non productive bank visits
  • ease of accounting through electronic cash settlement and reporting

Two Key Safe

The Armaguard Two Key Safe is controlled using an outer door with a key pad and combination held by the customer and an inner door which can only be opened using two keys.

The Two Key Safe enables funds to be deposited by the customer but it can only be opened by using two keys, one held by the customer and the other by Linfox Armaguard.

Electronic Safes

Armaguard can provide a range of intelligent, electronic safes that read, record and store notes plus store cheques and coin. Various models can be fitted with change dispensing facilities and be linked to point of sale software.

These safes can significantly reduce the risk of cash losses and counting discrepancies and simplify store balancing and accounting.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Armaguard can also simplify banking through an overnight electronic funds transfer service.

Armaguard can arrange cash collection from one or multiple sites, issue receipts for collection and transfer monies into customer bank accounts.

In addition, we can provide an electronic detailed statement report which contains:

  • date of collection
  • the 'said to contain' amount
  • a list of any discrepancies
  • details of any petty cash or change deliveries
  • a statement of the net amount deposited into a customer's bank account

The overnight electronic funds transfer service can also assist with the speedy and accurate reconciliation of daily banking and takings.



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